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CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background This study is concerned with the internship on “Travel Agency Operations” and is conducted for the partial fulfillment of the requirements of “Bachelor of Business Administration- Travel and Tourism”, fourth semester under the faculty of Management of Pokhara University. This internship aims to train and prepare students for managerial functions, develop interpersonal and communication skills, and a working knowledge of how a travel agency is managed and operated. 1.2 Objectives of the Study As a management student our primary or major objective of the internship is to develop our managerial skills by working in an organization. It aims to evaluate, compare, and apply our theoretical knowledge to the practical aspects. The specific objectives of this internship project are as follows: * To provide us with enough exposure to deal with the real life situations. * To better interpersonal or communication skills through the interactions with the people within and outside the organization. * To be able to handle customers, their complaints and their problems. * To apply, analyze and evaluate the theoretical knowledge of travel agency operations obtained during our education. * To be able to identify, solve or undertake, any or all, duties or problems related with the travel agency management. 1.3 Methodology Internship program is part of a course and must be completed in the fourth semester. For beginning of this course a letter of recommendation from the college is forwarded to the organization. In case the students are not able to find an organization for themselves, college supports them by recommending in any of the organization. After the student is recruited, the employer needs to supervise, instruct and evaluate the student’s progress and performance by providing an

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