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Exam 1 Which of the following is NOT one of the secondary activities in the value chain model of Michael Porter? Sales and marketing Which of the following order of concepts is the correct in relating organizational strategy to MIS? Start with industry structure - competitive strategy - value chain - business processes - information systems A faculty member is talking to George's advisor about his course performance: "George has been submitting his assignments late." This is information to George's advisor. True Determining the access rights to a database based on organizational roles is a system decision and database managers should make it. For example, WNE database managers decide which information on Kodiak should be accessible by students. False When a database contains inconsistent data in its fields, it is called __________. A data integrity problem A database is a model of how the users view their business world. True _______ are the final judges as to what data the database should contain and how the records in that database should be related to one another. Users What is the impact of this technology on data that an NBA coach has or need? What is data in this case? Explain and give examples. Technology is providing opportunities to collect more and accurate data that was not available before What is the impact of this technology on knowledge that an NBA coach has or need? What is knowledge in this case? Explain and give examples. Your description for knowledge looks very similar to your description for information. Gaining knowledge from data vs. gaining information from data. What is the difference? Think about the knowledge of a coach before using such technology. A coach was knowledable in many areas, but the technology is going to change that knowledge and most probably improve it. It will collect huge amounts of data

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