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The movie Drumline is a movie about a “wow” appealing, synchronized band. The average person watching this movie would simply enjoy it as it is. Laugh at the jokes, listen to the story etc… But someone such as Mrs.Chabonneau, see’s this movie not only as a drumming movie, but an hour and a half long life lesson. Many quotes, themes and messages behind this move entail much on how important being a leader really is. Aside the crazy drum solo’s, the loud tubas and yelling coaches, the movie is jam-packed with messages. For example, throughout the entire movie, they repeat their slogan, which is “One Band! One Sound!” This motto is an excellent example of how important a team is for success. Together, all the synchronized musicians play an amazing tune and complex choreography. During the film, the drum line captain, Sean, says to Devan “You're the best, Devon! But when we're on the field, nobody hears you! They hear the band.” This is a perfect example of how the rules of Leadership apply to a team. “You must learn how to follow before you can lead.” Devan was a self-centered and cocky drummer. He thought just because he had more talent than everyone else in the band, he could fight the war on his own. A team must work together as ONE to maximize success! Another easily relatable quote would be when Sean says “The percussion of the band is like the heartbeat in a person. Without it, they would die. Just like the band!” In leadership, the heartbeat of the team can be the followers AND the leader in two difference scenarios. A leader needs followers just as followers need a leader. Without each other, both of them would die. A leader must first learn to love and trust his or her followers. Without a special chemistry between the two, nothing would ever get done. Near the middle of the movie, Jason says “I DO love my drum!” while trying to improve his techniques.

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