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Drugtrafficking in the United States Essay

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  • on September 29, 2012
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Drug Trafficking in the United States: New York
America’s use and distribution of illegal narcotics directly contribute to the violence that plagues New York City streets.   One would advance that drugs are the ‘underworld economy’ in America.   They are being smuggled into the U.S from every direction and all kinds of ways. They are trafficked in and distributed to people of every age, race and social stature.   According to a 2010 survey, the estimated populations of Americans that use drugs are 22 million (NSDUH, 2010).   On the other side of that 22 million illicit drug users are drug dealer sales.   Drug users account for more than half of serious crimes being committed in New York City.   The question is does drug trafficking exacerbate violence in New York?   Are the drug dealers that use violence to protect their ‘business’ the cause of the escalating violence going on in the city?   Are the drug users contributing to the violence more than the drug dealers? How many murders, suicides, robberies, criminal assaults and burglaries do drugs itself cause each year?
An individual could argue that violence in New York City is exacerbated by the drug users.   It could be that the addicts are the root of the problem. Without the consumer’s dependence, the drug market wouldn’t be this rotating door of money and despair.   Someone who is addicted to marijuana, cocaine, crack, and heroin will always make a way to acquire the drug.   Whether it is through the ‘honest’ way of purchase or lie, cheat, steal.   To the point of violence upon the fellow man.   While the use of drugs alters a person’s mind, the drug user is apt to act out with violence while in this dismantled mental state.   The use of drugs decrease the ability to inhibit inappropriate responding and increase premature responding in conflict situations.   These drug users have committed violent crimes that span all the way to homicide.
The spectrum of profitable opportunities in New York City range from being the star...

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