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Substatance Abuse Sterling Thompson 2/13/2013 Drugs Drugs use in the Vietnam consisted of Opium, marijuana, Heroin, and Binoctal. Soldiers in Vietnam started using marijuana in Vietnam as early as the 1960s which was before it became wide spread in the united states. In 1967 there was a Congressional investigation that discovered 16 instances of marijuana use inside the Marine brig at Da Nang. The soilders got the marijuana from prisoners and the prisoners got it from the vietnames who gave it to the prisoners on working parties who often would throw it into passing vehicles in which prisoners were riding. The members of working parties would obtain marijuana seeds and would plant them in the shower stalls that had a gap to the outside between a tin roof and a wall so when the prisoners would shower it would water the plants there for makeing the marijuana grow and then place plastic between the shower spray and the plant causing the plant to die. Then they would crush and roll the marijuana in toilet paper to makes joints. You could also get marijuana from street venders. If you were to be caught with marijuana it was a court-martial offense but it was very hard do to no crime laboratory in Vietnam before 1968. The soilders smoked marijuana to help pass time.smoking marijuana -- the drug of choice among soldiers -- was a punishable offense under army rules, many soldiers still indulged. Precise statistics are not available, but army records suggest that marijuana use at the time was much more widespread in Vietnam itself than it was in the United States. After outraged, sympathetic and bemused newspaper reports drew international interest to the issue, the southern Vietnamese government took steps to make marijuana harder to obtain in 1968. The problem was soon overshadowed, though, by the rise of heroin as a popular drug among soldiers. The drug Binoctal

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