Drugs in Sports Essay

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Illegal Drug use in Professional Sports Despite being a role model, today's professional sports athletes do not convey the creative use their talents or the emotional impact of sports corruption and illegal drugs and the impact that it causes in the sports industry. The sports industry continues to counter criticisms by asserting that drug use in the industry is on the decline. Sports organizations claim that illegal drugs have been on the decline due to use of continued drug testing. In this paper, we will focus on illegal drugs and what it has done to Professional Sports and the impact it has had on Major League Baseball. We will discuss the rise and fall athletes and the professional records that have been broken and the significance it will have on the sports industry. This paper gives a detailed view on both sides of the argument using illegal drugs in professional sports, but also how in this industry, these types of drug are used on a regular basis. A large part of the article is used to discuss ethical issues in testing in professional sports. Is it right or wrong? 1. Illegal Drugs in Professional Sports 2. Why Illegal Drugs are Bad for Major League Baseball 3. How to Stop Illegal Drugs in Professional Sports 4. Not only Major League Baseball uses Illegal Drugs This overview of drugs in professional sports will focus on these main points. Illegal Drugs in Professional Sports As we look at drug use in sporting industry, we can see that it has reached colossal proportions in our society and it is beginning to destroy athletes as well as the sports industry. When we try to determine where the major problem with illegal drug use is, we can see that it more serious in Major League Baseball than in any other professional sport (Brotherton, 2009). The main reason on why we see professional athletes, assistant coaches and the training

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