Drugs in Sports Essay

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STOP wasting your talents! By: Vivek Venugopal We see young sports athletes that carry enormous amount of talents under their sleeve, and there is nothing more annoying than seeing their talents get wasted. I think all athletes are gifted and they deserve everything they have, as to be a well known sports star is one of the hardest goals that can be achieved. The difficulty of making it into a sporting team can be simply expressed through the ratio of people who tryout and the people that actually make it. For the people that made it, its only a matter of keeping their positions in the team. However, some athletes give away their opportunities through inadequate behaviour. Drugs, excessive drinking, sexual harassment, you name it. Sport is a part of the Australian culture, children are trained from a young age to build their strength and competitiveness. There’ll be millions of kids out there who wants to be a footballer but how many end up as one? Hard work and dedication over time will get you there. It drives me insane when seeing an athlete work hard to get where he/she is at and then do something that could potentially end their career. All that hard work resulted in nothing. Money could change a person’s life, it changes people’s personality. It’ll make you do things you’ve never done before. An athlete’s life doesn’t just revolve around sport and money, in-fact they get fame, respect and, of course, pretty women. All these positive impacts on an athlete’s life is destroyed by their own temptations. By that I meant excessive drinking, anti-social behaviours and most common of all, drugs. An excellent example for this issue is the record holding cyclist, Lance Armstrong. Armstrong was a well respected cyclist until the world found out that he was on drugs. Now, all the respect and love towards him is going down the drain. I just don’t

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