Drugs In Sport Essay

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Intro: Drug use in sport has a long and well documented history. The use of performance enhancing drugs or "doping" goes right back to ancient Greek times. Greek and roman civilisations used hallucinogenic mushrooms and other herbs to improve their performance, so it is not a surprise that drug use in sport is very common nowadays. In the world of sport athletes will give their heart and soul for the love of the game, they train night and day to perfect the sport they play, but on the other hand there are the ones that take an alternative route to gain that extra edge over their opponent so they turn to the use of performance enhancing drugs. Other factors that lead to athletes taking performance enhancing drugs or 'doping' could be the pressures they receive from managers or coaches to succeed or pressure they place on themselves to succeed, believing that their opponents are taking drugs and the rewards they receive from success such as money. The IAAF became the first International Sporting federation to prohibit doping in 1928 stating in its handbook: "Doping is the use of any stimulant not normally employed to increase the poser of action in athletic competition above the average. Any person knowingly acting or assisting as explained above shall be excluded from any place where these rules are in force or, if he is a competitor, be suspended for a time or otherwise from further participation in amateur athletics under the jurisdiction of this Federation." The Council of Europe then followed in 1963 defining doping as the use of certain substances or the use of methods that could have the effect of unnaturally improving the physical and/or mental condition of a contestant before or during competition and thus enhance his or her sports performance. The most common performance enchanting druids used are Steroids, Amphetamines, Stimulants, Peptide Hormones and

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