Drugs in Relation to Crime

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Drugs in relation to crime Drugs have been around since before 6400 B.C. As far back as we can tell, drugs have pretty much always been around. Century after century, drugs became more and more popular over different places in the world, but with all the traveling that went on, other countries were able to introduce it to other countries, spreading it around like wildfire. A lot of drugs in the beginning were used as medicinal purposes, but most were highly addictive, and this started a lot of issues with the specific drugs. The longer they were around the more they became more for recreational use. From 6400 B.C. to 2014, all I can gather is that the drug problem is probably about as bad as it’s ever been. Younger kids are getting involved in drugs, people are using drugs to get “high”, not for medicinal use, and thousands are dying from overdosing. Not only are drugs killing people, they are also a big reason why people commit crimes. Drugs and crimes are very closely related, and drugs are a big reason for all of the crime we have going on in the U.S. We know from the Bible that they used to drink wine. So, beer and wine date back as far as 6400 B.C. Even though alcohol was illegal for a decent amount of time, it is now legal but still considered a drug. However, I wouldn’t put alcohol and other hard drugs in the same category—which is why alcohol is legal, while other drugs are not. Around “3000-3500 B.C.” is when opium was introduced. “Ancient Hebrews and Babylonians used opium for both medicinal and pleasure” (History of Drugs). In “2700 B.C.” marijuana was used for a number of things. “Marijuana was used to make rope, cloth, paper and was also used for medicinal purposes, as well as for its euphoria effects” (History of Drugs). In “500 A.D. cocaine was first noted as being used, while opium was introduced to China by Arab traders and
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