Drugs that Impove Memory

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If scientists perfect a drug that improves memory should it be widely available? I believe that it should be widely available to those who choose to use it. I think it would be very beneficial to people who have trouble concentrating and remembering. However, I believe that scientists are far from perfecting a drug that will improve memory. There are currently pills out that are suppose to improve memory and repress memory, however, I have tried pills to improve my memory and no improvement was made. Would I use the memory improving drug if it was perfected? I believe I would try it but I am very skeptical about the fact that memory can be improve by drugs. Maybe with more research and time, the drug to improve memory may in fact work, and if it does I believe that it would be very beneficial to many people such as people with Alzheimer’s. However, some memories need to be forgotten. For instance, in the cases of people who have been in traumatic situations such as being raped, I would support a drug that can cause selective forgetting. On the other hand, some traumatic situations need to be remembered, such as the terrorist attack on 9-11. The reason some traumatic memories must be remembered is that it will allow us to be aware of the potential danger that may occur, and therefore, showing us what to do in order to prevent such events from happening again. Then again, it depends on the person that is going through the traumatic situation. Some people may need a drug to erase the traumatic memories in order to function. However, to people who have committed unthinkable crimes such as rape, murder, and child abuse, I believe that they should not be allowed an easy way out of those memories. In conclusion, I believe that if scientists perfected a memory improving drug that it should be widely available due to the positive effects it could bring to this world. I
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