Drugs And Sports Essay

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Intro: For some many years the history of sports has been the back bone or the scenery for drugs. Whether it was a steroid injected in a player for better performance on the track, hardwood floor, football field, baseball diamond, even indoor weight lifting. Drugs and sports has always existed in our history so much so that the players even started taking more lethal and dangerous drugs to sometimes help them get threw long hourly days are even just as a way of relaxation these drugs are known to be marijuana , cocaine . Ecstasy pills etc. First ‘’steroid ‘’ was official used and banned by a sporting organization in 1928 which was then called ‘’ stimulating substances’’. This goes to show use that athletic and drugs have always collided it has been a way of life and also a way to keep sports organization to gain revenue and players to be put in ‘’ hall of fame ‘’ books for braking records . Main point 1: Ancient Olympics where the first Olympians to ‘’ experiment ‘’ on the substances at first they would eat lizard meat prepared a special way, in the hopes that it would give them an athletic edge. The first documented use of drugs to improve an athlete’s performance was the winner of the 1904 marathon, Thomas J. Hicks. With this began and started a state where it was a natural cause for athletes to supplement their pain or boost themselves with drugs. The use of Drugs to enhance in sport will not go away, athletes seek every competitive advantage and the rewards of success at the top level are great, both financially and in personal glory. In this history of sports every competitor wants and needs to the spot light he or she wants the attention with this obsession comes along the pressure to train harder and longer. The decision is made to take a scientific approach to nutrition and fluid and electrolyte balance, to seek every biomechanical and

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