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Drugs And Celebs Essay

  • Submitted by: megan_17
  • on March 17, 2009
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        Many celebrities have been or still are addicted to drugs like actress Lindsay Lohan or rapper Lil’ Wayne.   The reason many celebrities choose to consume drugs and alcohol are because these items are easier to get when you’re a well-known, drugs and alcohol help relieve stress from their centered lifestyle, the people around them encourage these bad habits and many celebrities are not happy so they turn to drugs and alcohol.   Being famous can come with a big pay check.   An a-list celebrity can easily make about 50 million dollars per movie and an NFL player can make on an average 1.5 million dollars per year not including bonuses.   Having this much money means that the person could buy almost anything they wanted, even drugs.   Amy Winehouse has been known for her drug use.   In 2008, Amy Winehouse spent a thousand dollars a day on drugs.   Having money helps contribute to the easy access of drugs but also having the connections helps.   When a person in famous, they will know a great amount of people.   Having this many connections to people would help a celebrity get the drugs and alcohol they need without being caught.   There are many drug dealers who would be more than happy to sell their drugs to people like Lindsay Lohan or Lil’ Wayne.   Drug dealers know that celebrities make a lot of money are sometimes use this against them.   Amy Winehouse’s drug deal was probably happy to receive the thousand dollars a day from her for drugs.   Having a celebrity buyer can also bring fame to the dealer.   This is why many dealers will go to great heights to have them as clients.   In 2008 a drug dealer in Hollywood released a video of many of his celebrity drug buyers.   He received almost fifty thousand dollars for the video before being arrested.   Having this much money and connections can cause a huge amount of stress for a celebrity.   One way for a celebrity to relieve stress is drugs and alcohol.
The two shows a night, the 15 hour a day rehearsals...

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