Drugs and All Their Wonders Essay

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“Drugs are bad, mmk,” said Mr. Garrison. He or the writing team behind South Park is absolutely correct. In high school and even middle school lately peer pressure is very common when it comes to any types of drugs. If anybody ever asked me I would always just quote Mr. Garrison, than walk away. Lately I have been reading about drugs in chapter five of my psychology book and how horrible they are you. I am glad I did not cave into peer pressure. Taking any type of drug can affect your brain in many ways; it all depends on what type of drug you decide to take. Psychoactive drugs influence the activity of the brain cells, while other drugs, such as ecstasy and some antidepressants, can increase the activity of the brain cells or other drugs like cocaine can slow down the removal of neurotransmitters. The life of a typical drug user tends to have an altered conscious which can either be high or low depending on their drug of choice. All drugs are very addicting and a person that starts tend to have a hard time to stop depending on how long they were involved on that certain drug. People that use drugs every day tend to see it as escape route from any real life moment while they are high and they can just relax instead of just rush, rush, rush. Drugs are addictive because they either mimic or stimulate the production of brain chemicals that cause feelings of pleasure. After a period of time, your brain adjusts to the higher levels of the chemicals, and it becomes necessary to use more drugs to get the same effect. Eventually, you reach a point where, due to changes in the brain, you need to use the drug to maintain something like normal functioning. At the point, having become dependent on the drugs to function, you experience severe withdrawal symptoms without drugs. These symptoms usually are the opposite of whatever effect the drugs had, and in some cases can be

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