Drugs and Alcohol in College Essay

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Consequences of Drug and Alcohol Abuse on College Students Abstract Substance abuse among college students is a massive issue for University officials and the guardians of college students. The purpose of this study is to explore the consequences associated with drug and alcohol abuse and provide a list of solutions for each consequence. This study will cover the problems that can arise out of substance abuse such as binge drinking, academic performance, sleep deprivation, aggression, depression, low self-esteem, risky sexual behavior, and suicide. Substance abuse can cause problems in decrease of G.P.A and overall academic performance. Along with a decrease in G.P.A another problem that can arise from substance abuse is sleep deprivation which may affect mood, behavior, and increase risk for accidents or injury. Often, other factors may play a role into how much a student abuses the substance which in turn affects their behavior and their mood. Substance abuse can increase the likelihood of aggressive behavior in students along with an increase chance of depression. As a result, depression can play a role into increase risk of heavy drinking among College students. Students who fall into the habit of substance abuse and heavy drinking are students who have low self-esteem. Students who have low self-esteem have an increased risk of risky sexual behavior and even death. A list of solutions has been compiled to address the problems and consequences mentioned above. These solutions include natural recovery, the idea that stage of development and experimentation will pass and not be continued and students will cease substance use. There is also the suggestion of safer-sex programs to inform students of safer sex practices while under the influence and practice skill building and how to start a conversation about condom use. Another solution were suggestions for

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