Drugs Abuse Essay

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The increasing of drug abuse is becoming a problem in many countries. In the U.S for example is a staggering of 10% of the adult population who admits to drug abuse in the past 12 months. The majority use illegal drugs such as cocaine, opiates and marijuana illicitly. Children as young as 10 years of age have been reported to regularly abuse drugs which add the concern. In 2006, 2.332.605 people of the U.S have visited the Emergency Department because of the abuse of drugs. These numbers of abuse are increasing (Nondependent abuse of drugs, 2011). People expose themselves to harmful and potentially fatal substances for many reasons: peer pressure, to ‘feel good’, to escape from a stressful situation, or curiosity. Repeated exposure creates addiction to the substance(s), and breaking the habit is extremely difficult, even where the detrimental effects are obvious. Drugs abuse behavior does not follow ‘normal patterns’. The drugs abuse behavior can be describes as beyond voluntary control, compulsive and self- destructive. Drug abusers spend high amounts of time gaining and administering the drugs, despite the negative impact on their families, their careers and of course on themselves (Tebett, Ian R, 2007). Drugs abuse is becoming more and more common in many countries. This essay will show some problems associated with drugs abuse and some of the possible solutions. Drugs addictions cause many problems. One of the biggest problems is the great impact of drugs on the society. Because of the drugs more and more people become homeless and workless. The society slowly turns into poverty. Many teens drop out of school because of the drugs, people looses their jobs because of drugs and so on. For example in the U.S a study reveals that 90% of Americans who are addicted to tobacco, alcohol or other drugs, drinking or using the drugs before they turned 18 years old.

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