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Drugs Taking Over Our Country Drug abuse is a widespread epidemic that is taking over our country which is creating much greater risk for the victim. Drugs not only affect the user but they affect everyone else around them. Drugs are also creating a lot of problems both outside and inside the individual. The abuse of all the drugs may lead to serious mental and physical problems. These problems may affect the daily lives of the abuser. The abuser ends up losing their family and they lose self control. It becomes much more difficult to get a job or to even keep the job which you may have. Our law enforcement is strained because of all these petty drug crimes. As more and more people abuse drugs, crimes rates are increasing. Drug use leads to violence, which causes a lot of problems for our society. It is important to understand why drug use is taking over our country so that we can work to ensure safety and well-being among the people. There are hundreds of known drugs widely available in our country. Some of these drugs are legal and others are illegal. There are so many drugs that are within reach of the community. It’s not surprising as to why we have a high rate of drug abuse. Teenagers and young adults have easy access to getting a hold of any drug. The most commonly used drug that we all hear about are marijuana, cocaine, and ecstasy. These drugs can each affect the body in a different way. With so many different types of drugs on the streets and market, it becomes difficult for an individual and puts that person at great risk for becoming a victim, an addict, and potentially losing there

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