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Drugs Cari Heesacker ENG 102 August 18, 2013 Christina Forsyth Drugs A Grant High School student is suspected of delivering drugs to classmates. Investigators came to the student’s home and they seized three hundred grams of marijuana and tiny amounts of Cocaine and Heroin. Police also took drug paraphernalia, a gun, and some cash. Even though the penalties are not strong enough, how can Americans stay off drugs so the population of state prisons and county jails demand a decease. Top drugs in America: Cannabis is the number one drug in the United States today. By the Drug Policy Alliance, about 42 percent of Americans have used cannabis (2013. Drug Policy Alliance. Ten Facts about Marijuana. www.drugpolicy.org). Cannabis is a plant that has an active ingredient that’s called delta-nine tetrahydrocannabinol that is known for THC. THC is the part that gives the “high”. There is three distinct kinds of cannabis: Marijuana, hashish, and hash oil. Marijuana is from the flowers and leaves of the plant, hashish is from the resin, and the hash oil is from the heavy oil from the hashish. Most of the cannabis is smoked by rolling it into a cigarette or smoking it in a pipe or in a bong. Heroin is second highest drug in America. Heroin is an extremely addictive drug secondary from morphine, which is found from opium poppy. Heroin is a “comedown” or sedative in order to effect the brain’s satisfaction and delays, in addition to the brain’s capability to comprehend pain. Heroin can be inserted into the vain, inserted into the muscle, preserved in an average pipe or water pipe, assorted in a joint or in a normal cigarette, gasped as smoke past through a straw, identified as “hunting the dragon,” inhaled in place of power through the nose. Drugs introduced to America: Marijuana was brought to the New World in 1545 by the Spanish, but the English introduced it to

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