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Drug Trafficking in the United States By: Ivan L. Jones “I have chosen the topic of Drug Trafficking in the United States because this is a subject that is heartfelt across the USA and one of the major ongoing problems in America over the past 25+ years to present. I also have firsthand knowledge of the subject as I was raised as a teenager during the era of the “Crack Epidemic” in a city (Washington, DC) where drugs and politics walked hand in hand. Drug trafficking has always amazed me so to research it and write on it was a must once I saw the choice of topics”. I plan on refining and limiting my topic selection by researching and referencing only material that is specifically in accordance with the subject of “Drug Trafficking in the United States”. I will not deviate from this subject at all. I may however show/ reference various events in a particular place in the United States where drug trafficking has taken place or had an occurrence A claim that I plan to argue within the subject of “Drug Trafficking in the United States” is how our government spends hundreds of millions of tax payers dollars to conquer the drug trafficking issue but is said to actually be responsible for bringing these said drugs into our country as well as profiting from the sale of the illegal drugs. The nature of the problem with drug trafficking in the United States is the “Drug War” hypocrisy. The USA is spending billions of dollars a year to stop drug trafficking supposedly but it is a fact that the drug trafficking benefits the CIA as well as the international banking community. John Gotti Jr (son of legendary mobster John Gotti) was once asked in a court proceeding about his families involvement in the drug game and he responded back by saying that they couldn’t compete with the government any longer. This has me to believe that

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