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Drug trafficking is a serious and frightening business. Drug trafficking has a huge effect on the government the safety of the people. The United States is doing everything it can to stop drug trafficking. Each year the exchange of money and blood are given trade for drugs, we’re left with many unanswered questions. Drug trafficking is an epidemic in the world not just the United States. There are so many types of drugs in the world that the government is trying to protect the people of this great nation from. Are they doing enough to help the people or are they just doing enough to make it seem like their trying to protect American citizens. The drug cartels from around the world control the drugs. Cocaine comes from Columbia and Mexico. The only drug that is produced and sold in the United States is Marijuana. All other drugs are smuggled across our boarders. Who helps the cartels get the drugs into the U.S.? Think about it there is always ways that the drugs get into our country. Somewhere someone looks away from the problem, and allows for it happen. (falseWALT PHILBIN Staff writer. Times, 27 June 1997) In Austin Texas the police seized 8.2 million dollars’ worth of drugs and weapons just in three bust.( Texas Department of Public Safety officials OCT 2011) This shows that a few people are bringing a lot of drugs into the united states. Where do all the drugs come from, and why do they come from these countries? Most heroin come from the field in Afghanistan. That is were” 72% of the world’s heroin is produced.” ( Filipov, David dec 2009”) The most cocaine comes from Colombia. The Columbian government recently found a submarine, which the drug lords have been using to smuggle drugs into the United States. The reasons that drugs comes from those countries is because of civil wars, and a general lack of control. The drugs do come from a lot of the

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