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Jamie Lloyd Psychology Drugs and Prostitution Perhaps the greatest cost to society, which cannot be measured, is what happens to the children of addicts. Crack-addicted mothers, for example, typically neglect their children, emotionally and physically. Without an environment in which legitimate goals and attitudes can be fostered, children are at increased risk for anti-social behavior (cited in Yacoubian, Urback, Larsen, Johnson, & Peters, 2000, p. 19). If the addicted mother is also a prostitute, the children are likely to see not one but many violent scenarios. HIV and other STDs are also increasingly prevalent as a result of risky sexual behavior While drug addiction is an explanation increasingly given for entering into prostitution, Young, Boyd, & Hubbell (2000) found that prostitution increases the drug use. Prostitutes often cope with the negative aspects of what they do for a living by taking more drugs: the psychological distress caused by activities associated with their occupation leads them to increase their drug use as a means of coping (p. 789). In their study they found that prostitutes showed significantly higher levels of stress and distress because of the violent and degrading aspects of their work. Mothers knowing the dangers of prostitution and the dangers they can be putting their kids in, still wont stop them from getting there money. While watching a documentary on T.V there was a mother prostitute being interviewed. Her main excuse for talking all the risk to continue to selling her body was so she could just get her next fix of drugs. And later went on to explain how it was also so she could support her children and buy them things. Although she did go to talk about her children, you could tell her main reason was just to get some more drugs. Studies have shown that children who grow up in a dangerous environment with

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