Drug Trafficking In The United States Essay

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Drug Trafficking In the United States: A Serious Problem Anthony Osborne Eng. 122 Instructor: Shelly Lawyer April 4, 2011 Drug trafficking is a very big problem in the United States and has been for a long time. Drug trafficking is one of the most profitable illegal business that many people have become wealthy doing and continue to do to this present day. Drug trafficking is the most widespread and lucrative organized crime operation in the United States, accounting for nearly 40 percent of this country's organized crime activity and generating an annual income estimated to be as high as $110 billion. The information I attained for this subject was using Ask and Google search engine that give me different site to look on. I was able to get useful and credited information from many different sources such as Drug Trafficking Reports, International Narcotics Control, Drug Trafficking Safe Harbor Act, and How Drug Trafficking Affects the United States. The sites and the information that they all attain was helpful for me to state my claim as well as the positive and negative of that claim. These sites give up dated information that was come confirmed by actual invents taking place around the world. Drug trafficking is targeting our children and turning them into organized crime figures that think fast money is the way to get rich quick. If we plan on saving our future through our children and showing them how this country has stood through the test of time, we must find a way to reduce the flow of illegal drug in the United States. Reducing drug trafficking won’t be easy and has not been for many years now but with new technology, more man power, special task forces to help apprehend this criminal from taking our streets, our dreams, and many more lives of innocent people. We must all work together to come up with a solution to this major
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