Drug Trafficking in the United States Essay

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Drug trafficking in the United States has become a major enterprise in the United States. According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) (UNODC, 2011), the majority of cultivated cannabis is in North America and important exports are from Mexico to the United States and from Canada to the United States to a lesser degree. This is one of many drugs on the streets of the United States. The war on drugs cost American taxpayers billions of dollars every year. There are different ways that would help combat the cost of fighting drug trafficking. Showing where the majority of drugs come from, types of drugs, how much it cost to combat drugs and the possible ways of fighting the trafficking of these drugs more effectively can help show how serious of an issue drug trafficking is in the United States. The majority of imported drugs come into the United States from Latin America, with the largest portion coming in from Mexico. “It is generally understood that most marijuana consumed in the United States is produced domestically or imported from Mexico, with smaller quantities being imported from Canada, Jamaica, and a few other minor suppliers” (Kilmer, Caulkins, Bond, 2010, p. 14). (BBC.com,2010a) The drugs that come from Latin America cause many problems throughout the southern California border all the way across to the border of Texas. Deciding how to stop the illegal trafficking of drugs is a difficult task. Americans can go to the worst areas outside our borders to try to stop it or we can just sit on the borders and try to stop it there. The United States government has spent billions of taxpayers’ dollars doing both. While this might cause the drug flow to slow it has not stopped it. Some would say that the best way to cut the cost is to give in and decriminalize certain or all drugs. Others would rather make drug related offenses
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