Drug Trafficking in the United States Essay

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Drug Trafficking in the United States Shiann Allshouse ENG122: English Composition II Marsha Beckwith-Howard November 4, 2012 Drug Trafficking in the United States Drug law enforcement agencies face daily challenges in protecting the country's borders from drug traffickers trying to smuggle illegal drugs into the United States. This has been an ongoing problem for many years. Despite the efforts of the law enforcement, the amount of illegal drugs coming into the United States continues to grow. The two most common illegal drugs that drug traffickers try to get pass the border are methamphetamine and crack cocaine. The various ways of transporting the illegal drugs into the United States include concealing the drugs in different compartments of vehicles, boats, and airplanes. The chances of law enforcement finding the illegal drugs depend on how well the drugs are hidden. Kimbrough v. United States showed us the severity of punishment when someone is caught trafficking drugs. Crack cocaine continues to be distributed and used in most major cities. Cocaine use has decreased over the past decade; however, the use of this illegal drug has stabilized itself at a high level. In order to maintain their drug distribution monopolies, gangs such as the Crips and the Bloods, use physical violence which can result in homicide and armed robbery. In February 2001, a fishing vessel called Forever My Friend was seized with over 17 metric tons of cocaine. In May 2001, another fishing vessel called Svesda Maru was seized with 17 metric tons of cocaine. (http://www.policyalmanac.org) The methamphetamine trafficking and abuse situation in the United States has dramatically changed over the last decade. Approximately 8,000 methamphetamine laboratories were seized and reported to the National Clandestine Laboratory Database at the El Paso
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