Drug Trafficking in the United States Essay

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Drug Trafficking In the United States Andrea Williams Instructor Jonathon Berohn English Composition II May 29, 2012 In order to appreciate the scope and nature of drug trafficking in the United States you first have to discover and understand were drug trafficking begins. So in my paper I will explore were and how drug trafficking as become a big epidemic in the United States. For years drug trafficking as came from Mexico and Columbia these countries are the biggest suppliers to the United States for drug trafficking, as I dig deeper into the drug trafficking in the United States I have found that most of the drug trafficking is done by what the United States government call cartels. Cartels are like crime bosses that reside in the United States, the difference between cartels and crime bosses in the United States that cartels have employees and resources thousand miles away. Drug abuse and drug trafficking remain among the most serious challenges facing the nation. Foreign-based, sophisticated and well-financed criminal organizations are responsible for bringing most illegal drugs to the streets of the United States, and the trafficking of these drugs is a significant factor in the crime that occurs in our communities. As a result of extensive and effective law enforcement operations in both the United States and Colombia, many of the notorious drug trafficking cartels, such as those formerly operating out of Medellin and Cali, have been dismantled and all but cease to exist as transnational criminal organizations. Unfortunately, while the cartels of the 1980s and early 1990s have disappeared, they have been replaced by smaller entrepreneurial criminal organizations whose collective trafficking activities equal or exceed those of the cartels. Whereas in prior years the cartels would smuggle illicit drugs directly into the United States and conduct
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