Drug Trafficking in the United States Essay

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Drug Trafficking in the United States Rhonda Stafford English 122 Lisa Clark October 09, 2011 The Disturbing Cartel Organization One of the most horrifying, violent, bloody events taking place in the world today is drug trafficking and the ruthless cartels, (a cartel is an alliance of business companies formed to control production, competition, and prices) that are behind this illegal business. Many of the drug cartels are related and have been in existence for many generations. The authorities are making every effort in an attempt to stop this disturbing distribution of drugs, although the drug cartels are ferociously and aggressively fighting back. This is making the progress to stop drug trafficking into the United States a tremendously dangerous life threatening effort for all persons involved because the cartels do not care about you, if they think that you are a threat to their organization they will brutally kill you. Numerous criminal activities are associated with drug trafficking such as; violent mass murders, illegal money, stolen cars, and gang violence to name a few of the more prominent crimes involved. The cartels come up with ingenious and intellectual ways to traffick drugs into the United States for example, digging underground tunnels that clear the borders. The reason this research was critical was because we need to think about all the innocent civilians who become victims of severe emotional trauma, receive brutal injuries, or are brutally and inhumanly killed. The authorities have decided that, “Among the most important lessons they have learned, is that any fight against organized crime, things tend to get worse before they get better,” (New York Times 7 Aug. 2011: A1 (L)). Methodology The first place that research was conducted was at the local library. To start the research process a book was checked out
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