Drug Trafficking in the United States Essay

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Drug Smuggling in the United States (Put your name here) (Your Class) (Instructor name) (The date) Drug trafficking in the United States primarily comes through our international borders with Mexico. This has been a significant problem for the United States Government for the past 35 years or so. Our Government has tried many different answers to try and solve this problem, depending on which President was in office at the time. After researching this problem it has been determined that our government has not been successful in stopping this interdiction of drugs into our country. One of the government’s main problems has been the corruption in the Mexican Government, who has been taking kickbacks from the major Drug Cartels for many years. This money finds its way to the highest offices of the Mexican President’s office. This has been our government’s major stumbling block for many years, now. Our two governments would supposedly work together in trying to solve this problem, but the Mexican government would say one thing and do another. This writer after reading many numerous sources from all different perspectives found out that many sources in our government believe we are just helping the cartels smuggle their drugs because of all the millions of dollars that are given to Mexico each year in the form of foreign aid. So there seems to be a pessimistic view amongst many people in Washington. Mexico has always been classified as a drug producing country but now they are a country that is also considered a transshipment country, where the shipments of merchandise from a country of origin to a country of ultimate destination through an intermediary country. This has been the United States’ main problem of drug interdiction for our past Administrations to deal with. Over the past 25 years, in which five different Presidents have served, there still is no
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