Drug Trafficking in the United States Essay

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Drug Trafficking In the United States The United States has the most profitable illegal drug market in the world drug traffickers are sophisticated, ruthless and aggressive these are the attractions for people that are a part of this origination and are distributors, there are approximately 60 million people entering into this county each year, several thousand flights, private jets, sea charter boat, line cruisers are all possible ways to enter this country with this major activities going on it will be totally impossible to maintain control of drug trafficking in the United States. The inability to check every crate which is tons of cargo that enter the United States from other countries would be time consuming and impossible to check. Among these trades are drug traffickers that have concealed marijuana, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, and MDMA that are brought in for distribution in the neighborhoods here in the United States. In this re- search I will explore drug trafficking in the United States another name for this is the war on drugs in America that research will come at a later time. Can the U.S. custom control all the import that enters this country? The United States should impose stricter laws and regulations when receiving imported merchandise, all documents cited and the vehicle/vessel search before loading and after it has reached it destination which is American soil. There are several criminal groups from South America, smugglers that distribute illegal drugs such as cocaine and heroin these drugs are transported through several different routes east and west Mexico along the southwest borders that are distributed in the United States this operation has been going on since the 1970’s. The other task that has become a more difficult challenge toward controlling drug Traffickers is that in some States here in the
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