Drug Testing in the Welfare System

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Drug testing in the Welfare system has been a big issue in the news lately. There are mixed reviews on both sides that think it is a good idea, but there are those that say it is unconstitutional and against people’s rights. If you need to be drug tested for employment, then why can’t you be drug tested to get on Welfare? Drug testing will reveal recipients who are wasting taxpayers' money on drugs. Connie from http://www.worldwidehippies.com/2011/11/20/drug-test-welfare-recipients-really-hmm/ personally feels that if she has to get drug tested to get a job, that will provide others with welfare benefits, then you should have to be tested to receive them. “Why should I work hard, so others can smoke, snort it away. I was a single mom for many years, working two jobs. It would make me sick to see people come through line at the grocery store I worked at, with their food stamp card, wearing VERY expensive clothing. There you have it, my honest opinion. Drug Test for welfare benefits. I don’t want to support anyone else’s habit when I am having a hard time making ends meet.” Drug testing will require recipients to stay free of drug use, making them employable. As author Heather Ben states, “The government’s latest welfare reforms all beneficiaries will be required to take pre-employment tests when requested by a prospective employer, Those who refuse or repeatedly fail, will have their benefits cut or suspended.” Passing the bill could minimize the purchase of illegal drugs, making our children and society a safer place. This also includes prescription drugs as well. There are too many people on the black market buying and selling prescription drugs because their doctor won’t prescribe what they want. This bill needs to be passed! I’m not saying that everyone on Welfare is on drugs, but there are those that are ruining it for the ones that are trying to make a

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