Drug Testing In Sports

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Drug testing has become a very big issue within sports lately. Athletes are becoming more involved in the use of steroids and even recreational marijuana and other illicit drugs. The topic of drug testing is becoming more and more bigger because athletes do not feel the need to be tested. Though schools and teams are making testing mandatory and others are trying to ban testing for their athletes. With drug testing growing, athletes are finding ways around being tested and also fighting the topic. Drug testing needs to be allowed because without testing, athletes have the freedom to use different drugs and not getting punished for it. Drug testing is testing an athlete through urine samples, to identify whether an athlete is using illicit…show more content…
The “games” for which the theory was invented for was not only gambling such as poker, but also physical games. This was based off of moves made by a player that are analyzed by the options open the the other opponents. The classic example is the game of prisoners, which is solely based on what one prisoner says about the other to keep in the game. When players are using they will do anything to keep their actions silent, and when testers come into play, players will cooperate to keep their actions silent. In cycling and baseball, players must contest to a set of rules. In cycling, the use of any enhancer is strictly prohibited, though because the drugs are so effective and hard to detect if being used, the incentive to use is…show more content…
The abuse of testosterone is hard to detect because it is naturally found in both men and women, and tests for this rely on the ratio of testosterone to a hormone called epitestosterone. At a lab in London, colleagues have found that tea has what is called catechins, which is found in tea, inhibit an enzyme that attaches to parts in testosterone and is more likely to be excreted in urine. These catechins are found in both white and green tea, and with the right amount, will math the levels found in testosterone(Aldhous). With lab professionals finding that there is a way to hide testosterone levels is good and bad. It will help the athlete continue to cheat which is good for the athlete to a certain extent, though they are still cheating their performance and their body, which is bad in the long run. The bad part is that with these athletes cheating and finding a way to move around the drug testing process, will waste the money of drug testing officials in trying to catch these athletes cheating. The fact that there is a natural way for athletes to avoid testing is eye opening because they can boost up on testosterone and not be punished for their actions. Though to a point, it was bad that lab officials tried to and found a way for these athletes to avoid testing is

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