Drug Testing for Welfare Essay

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Controversy Regarding Drug Testing Welfare Recipients Drug testing can be used in a variety of ways such as, by employers for employment, by law enforcement for drug usage monitoring, and by medical professions for medical reasons. Drug testing for welfare recipients has become a largely controversial issue among citizens today. The bill states that all applicants for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) must be drug tested prior to receiving funds. Applicants will pay for their own drug test and then get reimbursed once the test is found to be negative. Several questions come to mind: Does the cost of testing outweigh the results, Is it worth allocating funds for that purpose, Does this law save money in the long run, and Is this an invasion of privacy? Answering the previous questions will provide feedback to embark on an opinion to the matter. Because this bill affects every taxpayer, we as citizens should take the time to evaluate the need for drug testing welfare recipients to ensure that our tax dollars are being spent adequately. Many states feel differently about whether this bill is just or unjust. “Last year Florida became the first state to pass and fully implement a bill mandating suspicion less drug testing of all applicants for TANF” (“Just as We Suspected” 1). Proponents to this initiative feel that it is not fair to waste taxpayers money on drugs addicts receiving welfare with the assumption they are using the money on illegal drugs. Money provided by TANF supported by taxpayers is intended for good use such as clothing, housing, food, and daily necessities of life. Illegal Drugs are not included. Chris Cinquemani of the Florida-based Foundation for Government Accountability stated that, “the drug testing law was really meant to make sure that kids were protected, that our money wasn’t going to addicts” (Spencer 2). If

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