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Drug Testing For Government Assistance Essay

  • Submitted by: mrsbarber
  • on May 6, 2012
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Drug Testing for Government Assistance
In the push to save tax dollars, states are adding drug testing as a hurdle for welfare recipients. Receiving federal welfare is an exclusive privilege to citizens that apply for such aid, whether it is in the form of food stamps or unemployment checks. The government should also look at who they pay to run these programs and who they pay to make up the rules for these programs.   Drug testing for government “paychecks” is a good idea because it would help drug users get the help they need while providing safety for their children, it could ultimately help end the cycle of poverty and it would ensure that anyone using taxpayer’s money is utilizing the money in the manner specified for.
Since it is required for work, drug testing should be required for welfare recipients. States should invest in the training of government employees to appropriately screen and identify those with addictions and help them through expanded treatment plans. The “big idea” of drug testing recipients of governmental money includes to allow positive testers to be tested a second time for confirmation be given the option to receive rehabilitation while being allowed to be on welfare during rehabilitation. A drug test request should not irritate the single mother with two kids if she truly needs the aid and isn’t spending the money on drugs; these drug tests will also help identify people who need treatment. Parents that test positive should have mandatory rehab, and their kids should be placed with family if possible. After completing rehab they should be eligible for applying again with stipulations. Such stipulations as random repeat drug screenings and parenting classes for those with kids. “Findings by DATOS reported here again made it clear that treatment effectiveness is related to patient motivation and problem severity, therapeutic engagement and intensity of services, as well as linkages to community-based social supports.”(Simpson, 2003,...

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