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Adam Kepic Charles Rand ENG 112 2/17/12 Should schools have mandatory drug test? For many years the debate of having a mandatory drug test policy for schools has been up for questioning. This is an up and down battle for who is wrong and who is right. This disagreement between many people is about 50-50. According to the website helium.com, 48 percent of the people agree with the drug testing policy and 52 percent of the people disagree with the policy. Both parties have good arguments and can back them up. Who decides whether or not to have this policy in effect? What makes it right to or not to have this policy? That is all up for debate and depends on what society you live in. Can this policy even be very effective? Of course drugs are not a good thing in any way unless used only for medical reasons. Drugs have and always will be a problem but how we handle those problems will be the key to controlling the main issue of drug use. Let’s say a school passes a policy for mandatory drug test, who determines who takes the test? There are so many questions up for debate on drug testing. School drug testing policies have been up for debate since the U.S. has had problems with the War on Drugs. There have been laws on drugs since before the 1900s. Drugs have been a big problem in the U.S for over a long time and its still something that we are fighting to stop today. All these issues bring up the debate on whether or not to have mandatory drug testing policies for schools. There have been many cases in which schools try and fight drug testing policies. In some cases the school wins but in others they don’t. For example, in the mid-1980s a school district noticed a rise in drug use among students. The district came up with a protocol of random drug testing which required student athletes to participate in the program. All athletes were required to take a urine test

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