Drug Prostitution Vandalism

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Drugs, Prostitution and Vandalism The problem of drugs, prostitution as well as vandalism in the society is very much widespread these days. People are continuously trying out new social policies as well as ways in order to ensure that these wrongs within the society are corrected. However, one needs to be able to collect the required information as well as address the right issues in order to understand these problems and correct them from the grassroots level. There are plenty of issues as well as information, which can be collected by social researchers in order to ensure that such problems are rightly addressed and catered to rather than only superficially calling them as being wrong. In addition to the above, it can be seen that when the problem of drugs is concerned, it is not only important to have information about the lower level distributors of drugs, but it is also important to have information about the main drug cartels and the groups or mafia who are responsible for the distributing of drugs within society. Without such information, the issue of drugs can never be resolved because this is the main insider information, which is required. Also, in order to ensure that the people within eh society are not involved in issues such as drug abuse, or addiction, it is important to understand why these people are involved in the frequent usage of drugs. ( Grassian, 2006) This means that important information is required about the background of the people who are involved with problems of drug abuse, and information about what their lifestyles and domestic lives are like. Without such information, one cannot actually make these people leave their addiction. In addition, it is unfair for the society members to only criticize such people without proper information about their backgrounds and why they are involved in drug addiction. Such information is important
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