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Employment Coursework | By Sam Langer 10B | Description of the Problem (Stage 1) As a group we believe that there is a continuing growth in the usage of drugs, alcohol, and smoking these are all related to one topic .Drugs .They are all drugs some are depressants, some are relaxants, and some are anti depressants. As a group we decided that drugs are a growing problem and there continues to be concern about the issues, as most young people are affected by this. So this is what we decided to use as our issue of concern. As a group our aim was to analyze as many possible solutions that we could .We brainstormed ideas and suitable solutions here are a few we discussed and put forward. * A presentation for an assembly with the lower school as they are the most vulnerable as well as the least experienced to deal with the situation. * Leaflets handed out during break, lunch and registration times. * Try to set up a group that addresses these situations confidentiality. We then pondered further, and we addressed the flaws with the ideas we discussed earlier we thought as a group that printing of sheets of paper to students at certain times of the day would not be efficient due to the cost and inevitability of the students dropping the leaflets on the floor which would become litter . We excessively tried to overcome the flaw of this idea we came up with a idea to put the leaflets in the form tutors pigeon holes so the form tutors could read it to their form which would dramatically drop the cost of the prints and increase efficiency because the form tutors are reading for them which will increase their listening causing the information to remain in their heads. Another way we tried to overcome the flaws of our idea to create a group that addresses the problems associated with drugs this was very hard to overcome because we would set up the

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