Drug Legalization Essay

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A drug is any substance that has a physiological effect and alters the normal biological functions of the body when taken. The production of Illegal drugs such as cocaine, ecstasy, heroin, and marijuana is prohibited in the United States because they can lead to addiction and can be extremely dangerous to the human body. In the 1960’s, recreational use of drugs became very common in the United States. Drug abuse was also popular among the fighting American soldiers during the Vietnam War. Since then, recreational use among Americans is still ongoing and there have been many arguments for and against the legalization of drugs. Legalization of drugs can be a touchy subject for conservative Americans because of personal beliefs. From a conservative American’s point of view, drugs are harmful and should not be made affordable and marketable. Legalization would increase harmful use and could possibly send the wrong message to society’s youth. They also believe that drug laws help influence people not to participate in illegal drug use due to fear of getting caught and in trouble with the law. The S.A.D.A. (Students against Drugs and Alcohol) is a non-profit community service organization serving students to better their future. They support illegal drugs staying illegal because they believe that they are very harmful. According to them, marijuana can cause lung diseases and can trigger schizophrenia, a serious mental illness. They also say that the regular use of other drugs such as ecstasy and cocaine can cause serious brain damage and heroin increases the risks of diseases such as HIV. Other groups and organizations like this one look to reach out to today’s youth and educate them on the risks of drug abuse. The main organization known for campaigning against drugs is the World Federation against drugs (WFAD). The main goal for the WFDA is to work for a drug-free

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