Drug Addictions Essay

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Carolina Carbajal 3/13/12 01 Growing Drug Addiction Problems Effecting Society Drugs addictions are currently the number one leading cause of death in the US. Drug addictions ccan be caused by many different situations, however many believe drug abusers have a lack of morals or willpower or that the drug abuser could stop using the drug whenever they wanted to. In reality, none of this is true, for many abusers have their own unique reason for being involved with drugs. Due to people’s ideology they do not see substance abuse as a huge problem, yet it is growing rapidly as one of the most serious problems which affect society greatly. Drug addiction now is causing America to decay because it’s spreading rapidly through the world with many harmful consequences. This conclusion is valid because drug addictions aren’t seen as a major dilemma around the world, therefore if something is not done to stop it; it will become an inexorable problem for the US. Peoples’ way of thinking about drug abusers causes them to believe that they are not affected by the drug abusers actions, and that is incorrect. One major way that society is effected by drug abuse is that it “costs the US an estimate $600 billion per year” (Gale). This affects society because the US is using your money in order to pay for treatment and care for drug abusers, when the US could be using that money for something more valuable. Another way that drug addictions impact society economically is that they “get so involved with their drugs that it prevents them from keeping a job, caring for their family, or going to school” (Gale). Since addicts get so wrapped up with their drugs, it is difficult to keep a society healthy because drug abusers affect everyone around them, and that could include individuals you love. When people are addicted to drugs, they get into certain trends such as, start having

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