Drug Addiction Essay

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Drug Addiction The Concept of addiction can relatively be simple or complex according to its nature. Most often the notion is associated with physiological effects of drug addiction only while it may also refer to psychological effects as well. Drug addiction is defined as a state of dependence produced by the chronic use of consuming drugs. You become obsessed with drugs more and more, and then it evolves into an addiction over a period of time. That “feel good” high makes a person want more and they become addicted to drugs because it is the only thing that makes them feel good. Addicts get a thrill or a sense of gratification when consuming drugs. Addiction is a dependency and the addict is not free to do anything properly. His mind is always fixated on drugs because he or she has the strong urge in desiring drugs. Addiction is an obsession because addiction obsesses a person completely restricting the addict’s activities. The addict is unable to carry out anything that could have been performed by the addict easily. An addict spends most of the day consuming drugs. Participating in consuming drugs for an addict is the equivalent of a non-addict participating in a daily activity. An addict spends up to 20 hours a day on the activity, avoiding even the daily chores. A drug addict spends most of the day under the spell of consuming drugs, therefore intoxicating themselves. The addiction gives a temporary pleasure because the addicted derives a temporary pleasure which enforces the person to become more addicted. For example, the act of drug intake is reinforced by the fact that it leads to altered state of consciousness during stress and weak recollection of the emotional distress at the time of recovery. Addiction kills one's characters because it can change a normal person to an easily irritated and angry person who cannot control himself. The insatiate

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