Drug Abuse - Antibiotics Essay

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Prescription Drug Abuse The purpose of this research is to persuade the population to take control with the use of the medications. The term drug abuse refers to using drugs with high frequency which can cause physical and/or mental harm to the user and/or impairs social functioning. Many people believe that drug abuse only involves illegal drugs, but in fact people often abuse prescription drugs. Marijuana and cocaine are no longer the only addictive drugs on the market. The most common drugs are pain killers, stimulants, depressants and antibiotics. People abuse prescription drugs by becoming dependant and self medicating their self. These drugs are accessible by almost everyone. It is becoming much easier to obtain these medications. The problem that often occurs is that people become too dependent on them. Pain killers are very popular today because most of them can be obtained with out a prescription. Pain killers are intended to relieve pain, cough and diarrhea. People who abuse on pain killers take them to block the brain from receiving pain messages. Their intake is much higher than normal in order for them to get the similar feeling they would to an illegal drug. There are withdrawal symptoms that can cause people to become more dependent on the drug. Usually people who abuse pain killers are people who are facing psychological problems. The pain killers are a way for them to cope with the pain and not feel any pain. They are popular because of the euphoric state a person enters after taking them. Popular examples of prescription pain killers are morphine and codeine popular over the counter pain killers are Ibuprofen and Naproxen. Dependency on these drugs can have serious side effects. Side effects can be liver damage, asthma, aspirin allergies, ulcers (gastrointestinal bleeding), heart attack and death. “Prescription drugs count for the

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