Drug Abuse Essay

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The Hidden Addiction Ever since I was in diapers, Justin was there for me. Obviously I am not talking about myself, but my friend Justin Blackman. The Blackman's were a rock n' roll, party loving family who lived to have a good time. Life was great for them. His parents had just gotten married, they had recently had their third child, and his father had found the job of his dreams. Nothing seemed to be able to touch them. It was almost as if a famous author was guiding them through a fairy tale. Unfortunately though, that author turned out to be writing a Shakespearian tragedy. Just as Hamlet’s life began to collapse around him, so did the life of Justin's mother, Mrs. Jay. Much of the partying lifestyle came back to haunt her when her brother died. In the sorrow of her loss, she began to drink very heavily and take drugs. Not drugs deemed unsafe for human consumption by the authorities, but the prescription drugs that were meant to improve lives. These anti-depressants became the crutch Mrs. Jay. She became addicted to these potent pills, just as many other Americans do. Mrs. Jay was stuck in an endless cycle of taking pills and then trying to find the money to buy more. In the ensuing pain of addiction, Justin’s parents divorced only months after finally getting married. Joy then was only allowed to see her children under supervision. Her life fell into shambles all because of an anti-depressant which was supposed to improve her life. With new technologies and vast developments in science came better medicine. These drugs range from life savers to life improvers and can be put into three categories. One of those are Narcotics. Narcotics, often referred to as opioids, are most often prescribed for their pain relieving properties. These drugs receive the name “Opioids” because they attach to small protein receptors in the body called “opioid receptors.” The role

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