Drug Abuse Essay

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Drug Abuse Unit 6 Project Kristy D. Besant Kaplan University Professor Nick Pincumbe College Composition CM107-31 28 May 2011 Thesis: Drug abuse is a problem because of genetics, peer pressure, and easy access to drugs make a lot of people more susceptible to trying drugs and getting addicted to them. Kale: It is okay for me to use drugs because both of my parents use them. Kasey: Kale that is a sorry excuse for you to justify drug use because since you are of a higher risk; you should seek counseling to deal with your issues with drugs. Kale: All of my friends are doing drugs and they pressure me every day to do drugs with them. Kasey: Just because your friends do drugs does not make it a cool thing to do. I think that you need to read and research the negative things that can happen because of drug addiction. You also need to be aware of the negative effects that drugs can have on your family and health. Kale: My friend, Aisha’s brother is a drug dealer, so we can get drugs cheaper and any time that we want. Kasey: Law enforcement is increasing the number of narcotic officers and units on the streets. It is only a matter of time before you, your friends, or Aisha’s brother will get caught with drugs on you and ends up in jail with drug charges. Kale: Why do you care, it is not your problem or anyone else’s problem for that matter. I am not hurting anyone else. Kasey: According to Nora Volkow of the Washington Post, drug abuse is my problem and everyone else’s problem because the crimes that are associated with drug abuse include possession or sale of drugs; prostitution to support drug habits; and violent crimes from out of control behavior while under the influence of drugs. Kale: My drug use does not hurt my family because it is my body and my decision to do whatever I want to do. Kasey:

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