Drosophila Intro Essay

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Genetics of all living organisms are one of the most important reasons why those living organisms have the phenotype that they do, or even behave in a certain way. Due to what is happening inside the organism’s cell and genetics is what makes us have different eye color, hair, skin, even birthmarks. Scientists have spent plenty of time and money to understand the processes that take place in genetics of living organisms and apply that knowledge to determine why two siblings of any species still look different even though they come from the same parents with the same genetic material. Scientists and researchers have been known to use that knowledge to determine some sort of genetic disorder and how they could be managed and more. They have also figured out a way to experiment genetics and achieve great results. A species of fruit flies called Drosophila melanogaster is one of the most common species for genetic studies. They are small flies that are found in hot, humid, or dry and more environments. Also happen to be most popular for their eye color that is the wild type, and bright red. Drosophilas got their name from landing on fruits and get the nutrients they need from them, and also lay their eggs and start a new life cycle. (Ashburner, 1989). The life cycle of Drosophila has four simple stages. First stage is the egg, and they lay about 10 – 20 eggs at a time. Second stage is called larva that is the stage that appears shortly after the eggs are laid. Larva is a stage most insects have before becoming an adult that provides nutrients and a safe environment for the offspring to develop. After the larva hatches, the next stage is knows as pupa appears, which is the stage where flies start forming and getting the shape of a fly. They also form an exoskeleton body. Last stage is the adult stage, where the fly has completed all of the other stages of metamorphosis.

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