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Title: Drosophila: Identification of the Sex and Phenotypes of Adult Flies. Purpose: To keep and identify the various types of Drosophila while investigating the Mendelian principles of inheritance which focuses on transfer of genes from one generation (parents) to the next generation (first generation etc.). Introduction: Genetics is mainly concerned with understanding biological properties that are transmitted from parents to offspring. These include heredity, the molecular nature of the genetic material, the ways in which genes (which determine the characteristics of organisms) control life functions, and the distribution and behavior of genes in populations. Genetics is the central to biology because gene activity underlies all life processes, from cell structure and function to reproduction, Drosophila commonly known as fruit flies were used. The reason behind the choosing of this organism is for many reasons, including the fact that reproduction is quick, the have short life cycle, they are small and easy to maintain, they are inexpensive, they are dimorphic. Last but not least they are well studied. The stages of growth for the Drosophila are fertilized egg to first instar lava to second instar lave by to third instar lava to pupa to adults with wings. Methodology: In this experiment, two vials of food were prepared to culture and initiate the mating of virgin Drosophila. In vial one, wild type female fries were crossed with white male fries and kept for one week. In vial two, wild female flies were crossed with male apterous flies and were also left for one week. At the end of the week, the adult flies were separated from their offspring which were at this time only identified as Pupa. The pupas were left in the vials for another period of time to allow them to mature to adults. At the end of the period, the adults were sedated and grouped to

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