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Hi Derrick, by the way im from asian country Philippines. YOu know IM a very very very big fan of #1 Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose. I started liking you when you faced people w/ all Ur humbleness. I really like the way you are,not just in playing with a breath taking moves but as well as being humble & kind in people in your lowest position like us, & the most of all is being close to God. Aside from being famous,still you don’t forget to acknowlegde teh ONe who is upside & i really like you for that. Actually I hate tattoos but when I saw yours a Lil bit understanding flashed on me. I’m really hoping that u can give even a little attention in my short comment. GOD bless U more together with ur team & hope we can see you in finals tru the television. Thank you & GOD bless! i love you all Andrea C | 1 week, 6 days ago Derrick, please please please stay positive, do not give in to the negative comments and other things they are saying in the media right now. Keep shooting and practicing ok. You have a good support system to help keep you going. Keep your head up and much love to you. Dante Encinas | 1 week, 6 days ago Thursday, 2012-04-12. Bulls 96 Heat 86. Bulls won this round. Love da Bulls. Love the team & its superstar. Gotta say something though. Before his groin injury, DRose was playing great. Funtastic to watch. However, I remember him getting ticked at Indiana for celebrating when they beat the Bulls and then DRose acting similar to Indiana on someone else’s court. Also, his attitude this year has seemed to be a little more like Allen Iverson’s than MJ’s or Scottie Pippen’s. For all the talent in the world, AI never won a championship. I remember once when MJ came back from an injury & was playing against Sacramento Kings before 1989. I believe MJ played point guard that game. He only scored 19 points & it was the only game of his I watched live.

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