Drops of Jupiter

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Drops of Jupiter” Analysis Train’s 2001 Grammy winning single titled “Drops of Jupiter” is more than just a hit; it is poetry. “Drops of Jupiter” poetic devices including rime, repetition, alliteration, simile, and personification that all work together to convey the meaning of the song which is that if you try to explore new things, you never know what you’ll miss out on. Although there is no set rime pattern to Train’s song, there is many rimes included. A few examples are “mine, find,” “faded, overrated,” and “vacation, constellation.” Repetition, another element seen in poetry, is incorporated into “Drops of Jupiter.” The line, “ Did you miss me while you were looking for yourself out there,” can be seen at the end of every chorus. “Tell me” is another line that is used throughout the poem. Also, the breaking of the lines into stanzas make this song more poem-like. The next poetic device addressed in the song is alliteration. “Shooting star and scar” (stanza 3, line 1-2) are put together for sound and to help emphasize the message of the song. A simile is also used in Train’s song when it says, “Acts like summer and walks like rain” (Stanza 1, Line 3). Lastly, the use of personification gives the song the ability to be a poem. It can be seen when Train says, “Did Venus blows your mind,” in stanza 6. All of the these elements are typically found in poetry. Train’s “Drops of Jupiter” is a bitter song about the loss of a loved one could stand alone as a poem. It contains a poetic format, and includes poetic devices such as personification, simile, alliteration, rime, and
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