Dropping The Dollar

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Psychology Research Paper My hypothesis is that more males will pick up a dollar if I drop it while wearing shorts and a tank top, rather than when I am wearing pants and a sweatshirt. However, I do not believe that what I am wearing will have an effect on the females. I believe that gender, age, and whether the people are alone or with other people will have an effect on my study. I believe that the age will have an effect because people from different generations may have been raised differently and may hold different morals. I also believe that the area in which I am dropping the dollar will effect who picks it up. If I only drop the dollar in the men’s section of a store, my research will be biased. For this reason, I will visit multiple…show more content…
Half of the time, I am going to wear shorts that are about fingertip length with a tank top. The other half of the time I am going to wear jean pants with a sweatshirt. The beginning half of the day I am going to visit Dunkin Donuts, Walmart, and the Auburn Mall while wearing the shorts and tank top. The second half of the day I am going to go to Pizza Hut, then revisit Walmart and the Auburn Mall wearing jean pants and a sweatshirt. I am going to tuck a one dollar bill into the back pocket of my jeans and shorts. I will place my cell phone in the same pocket. The objective is that when I remove my cell phone from my back pocket, the dollar bill will fall onto the floor behind me. It is very important that I drop the dollar in the same way every time. If I was to drop the dollar in different ways it would bias the experiment. I also need to visit the same places in my different clothing. This is also to prevent from biasing my study. I have taken some time to think about ways that the experiment can we biased. I have concluded that I need to look exactly the same, other than the clothes I am wearing. My make-up and hair should look the same each time I drop the dollar on the floor. My behavior also need to be the same. I am going to walk at a normal pace through the stores. The experiment would also be biased if I was with another
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