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Family background and context effects on school dropout in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt and Syria. Jeroen Smits Department of Economics, Radboud University Nijmegen The Netherlands Ay?e Gündüz-Ho?g?r Department of Sociology, Middle East Technical University Ankara Turkey Introduction In many MENA countries, the level of schooling is still rather low. Especially in the countryside, a substantial number of children stops schooling at a too young age. As the educational level of girls is often lower than of boys, there are also notable gender differences in education in the region. The restricted possibilities for children to go to school are a great problem, both for themselves and for the countries in which they live. A higher level of education of the population of a country leads to more economic growth, less poverty and inequality, and dynamic, competitive economies A higher level of education of women has the additional advantage of reducing infant and child mortality and malnutrition, reduction of fertility and enhancement of family welfare Introduction cont. Raising the educational level of children and reducing the gender differences in education is therefore a major priority for the governments of the MENA countries. However, policies directed at increasing the educational level of children can only be effective, if they are based on a thorough understanding of the factors by which their school attendance is furthered or hindered. These factors are situated both at the family level, where parents take the decision to send their children to school, and at the level of the context in which the family lives, where characteristics of the available educational facilities and of the local labor market, together with cultural factors exert their influence. For achieving progress in this field, it is necessary to study the relevant factors at the

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