Driving Reflection Essay

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I truly believe it’s reprehensible to discriminate against others based on their skin color, gender, sexuality, religion, etc. a wise man by the name of Harvey S. Firestone once said “never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one’s definition of your life, but define yourself.” I never fully understood the meaning of his words until I saw the world’s true colors. It began when I witnessed my cousin, who is not only my sibling, but I also consider him my best friend experience an act of discrimination at a restaurant because of his sexuality. My cousin is a homosexual I never realized how difficult life was being gay, or lesbian. There were a gang of drunk savages at a bar cursing, and acting a menace towards my best friend. You would think since we did nothing wrong the owner of the restaurant would enforce the drunken men to leave, but instead we were forced to exit the restaurant because we were as they stated “disturbing a peaceful environment”. I was furious but I did not say a thing. Now when I look back and remember the incident I hate that I said nothing, I didn’t stand up for not only my relative but for all homosexuals. The final straw when I was determined to speak up was when my cousin was fired from his job due to his sexuality. I refused to let anyone else malfeasance not only my cousin but Lesbians, gays, and Trans genders. We (my cousin & I) gathered a group of gays, and agreed to attest against the job in which he got fired. My best friend took the ultimate step as to sue the company for Violation of the city’s non-discrimination ordinance duo him being LGBT. No one should be taunted by prejudice acts by someone else, who are you to judge? It’s not also vicious but unlawful to scorn or fire someone because of their sexual differences. I’m not a lesbian but I know how it feels to be discriminated, and it’s

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