Driving Miss Daisy

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Driving Miss. Daisy Extra Credit Miss. Daisy Werthan is a 72-year-old wealthy white Jewish woman who was a retired schoolteacher. She is widowed and lives with her African American housemaid, Idella, in Atlanta, Georgia. Miss. Daisy wrecks her car and is insisted by her son, Boolie, to have a chauffeur drive her around. The chauffeur, Hoke Coleburn, is an African American who once worked for a local judge until he recently passed away. Miss Daisy refuses Hoke’s assistance, but gradually starts to accept him. Miss. Daisy teaches Hoke how to read when she fnds out that he is illiterate, and the two begin to spend more time together. Miss. Daisy admires and gains appreciation for Hoke for his many skills and the two become good friends. After Idella dies, Miss. Daisy decides to take care of her own house and cook her own meals, rather than hiring a new maid because she has Hoke to assist her. As Hoke and Miss. Daisy continue on with their friendship for twenty-five years, Hoke finds Miss. Daisy one morning distressed and showing signs of dementia. In the beginning of this film, Miss. Daisy’s attitude was very hostile and suspicious towards Hoke, because of his skin color. Miss Daisy prides herself on being a Southern Jewish liberal so she is not always very quick to see the connections between such things as an attack on her local synagogue and the Klan's attacks on black churches. As she spends more time with Hoke and learns more about him, she begins to see certain connections that she never realized before. As she displays the early phases of dementia, Miss. Daisy takes Hoke’s hand and tells him that he is her best friend, and he responds as usual, “yes, Miss. Daisy”. This scene of the movie was emotional for me because I knew as an audience, that Miss. Daisy had fully recognized the amazing friendship Hoke had given her. Hoke responding in the way that he

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