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Driving Culture Essay

  • Submitted by: forlornchris
  • on December 12, 2011
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Driving culture

The purpose of this foray into anthropology was to get to the bottom of driving stereotypes that are often joked about. Before I even began compiling sources and interviews I had some assumptions about driving habits of different people or different sex, namely I didn’t think that Chinese drivers were actually worst than other drivers. Also I have always pegged the “bad female” driver stereotype as just female drivers being more careful than men as they tend to generally be in all other parts of living life. The paper will mostly deal with interviewees opinion and what I think the opinion represent in terms of the stereotypes, ultimately trying to physically watch everyone drive wasn’t really feasible for me especially for a paper of this size. I hoped to see if any of the driving stereotypes had cultural influences or if there is a rational justification for them.
In interviewing I started off by making a list of groups of people I wanted to interview and rather than having long interviews I had many short ones that asked specific questions to all of them. Those questions were, what percentile would you put yourself at in terms of driving ability? Do you think Chinese drivers are better or worse than average? Do you think female drivers are better or worse than average? I asked these questions to Chinese Americans drivers, female drivers, male non Chinese drivers, and Chinese drivers who have driven in China before. Many of the people who were asked the aforementioned question also chimed in that old people were the worst drivers; however for this study or any study about driving habits I didn’t think it made sense to include old people. It seems plainly obvious to me that older people were going to be worst drivers it is a biological fact that as you get older your hand eye coordination slows down and it should affect your driving. Also cab drivers I’m going to ignore in this study because it felt to me cab drivers make money by driving...

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