Driving Blindly Essay

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. Can you imagine a blind person driving? Oh hell no,that is a pretty scary thought. However, I am a blind individual who had the chance to drive a car. Having the chance to get back into that beast on wheel felt great! Having that chance at the helm, even for a short period, allowed me to regain my self worth, Independence, and my outlook on life. It was a hot July day nearing noon, when my husband gave me his keys to his sleek black baby! I Had been feeling worthless because my family and I were packing to move and I needed help while helping because of my vision loss. I had just recently lost my sight when we were forced to move, so I was feeling sorry for myself because I was constantly dropping things, running into walls, and Getting in the way.This made me feel all kinds of different ways.Bill being able to see my level of difficulty and knowing how much I missed being able to drive he said “let's go” my reply was “ are you f***ing crazy”. I made my way to the truck and we all hopped in and buckled up. Wow, sitting in the diver’s seat turning the ignition over made me feel both nervous and independent. Having these feelings I reached to turn off the truck and get out but my dearest Bill had a few choice words and told me I was wasting gas.I took a deep breath as my thumb pushed the button on the gear shift to throw it into drive off we went .I could hear the gravel crunching under the tires as we slowly moved up the driveway. I was doing it I yelled as Bill loudly said “turn right”. I was able to get the feeling of independence back, even if it was only for a short period. while cruising at a steady ten miles an hour through the back of our property, I gained a new outlook on my new life. I realized there will be situations that are going to be harder for me but that doesn't mean I'm any less of a person! Bill yelling “watch out for the tree”

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